Biz Rescue Pro Operating On Behalf of Zuluaga Media Becomes Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider And Sonicwall Partner

June, 2018, Canada: Toronto, Canada based Zuluaga Media Inc. (Biz Rescue Pro) recently announced that it has become Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) as well as SonicWall’s partner. With this, the leading digital and social media marketing company will now look to provide their customers with industry recognized products & services.

Sharing more information about their recent partnerships with Microsoft and SonicWall, Cesar Zuluaga, President Zuluaga Media reinstated, “At Zuluaga Media Inc. (Biz Rescue Pro), we are committed to assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals. We are excited to become a Microsoft CSP and SonicWall partner as it provides us as well as our clients with plenty of opportunities to grow and scale our business to higher levels. We will now provide our customers with better services and support, as they will now have numerous options before them, both in terms of the range of products as well as billing solutions.”

It must be noted that the CSP status will now enable Zuluaga Media Inc. (Biz Rescue Pro) to provide their clients with a wide range of products as well as services including that of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows and Enterprise Mobility Suite. As a CSP partner, the company will also offer marketing and technical support to its customers.

Zuluaga Media Inc. (Biz Rescue Pro) has also been appointed SonicWall’s SecureFirst Partner, which further enhances their capability to become thought leaders as well as leading performers within the security industry. As a SonicWall partner, the company will now be able to provide high-quality products as well as technical support to its clients in diverse fields and industries. SonicWall will also provide Zuluaga Media Inc. with marketing as well as lead generation support in addition to technical guidance and training. The partnership will also help Zuluaga Media Inc. (Biz Rescue Pro) in increasing their margins and growing their business.

For more details about Zuluaga Media, visit https://zuluagamedia.com ; https://bizrescuepro.com/

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